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    Hearing this, Xu Zhihui had a headache and collapsed. He had never complained, but that guest really had too much to do this afternoon. He asked for coffee and cakes to take artistic photos. specify the brand. Every time you take a photo, you must come and see it before continuing. Xu Zhihui said many times that she would eventually make a wise choice after shooting, but she did not agree. Even Xu Zhihui, who is very comprehensive, has two big heads. Obviously he could edit the photo later, but he still wanted the original photo to be perfect. It took so long, it took more than half an hour to finish the job, to the point that the customers behind him today not lining up, waiting a day in vain. Although the customer understood Xu Zhihui very well, Xu Zhihui himself felt very sorry for delaying his work.

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